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Still Life, Just Somewhere Else

How many hours of the working day do we spend in the office, on the road, in schools, warehouses, hospitals and factories across the country, just wishing for the end of day bell so we can just go home? We long for peace and quiet, for the freedom to kick off our shoes and ignore the ringing phone, to slump in front of the TV or spend some time with a new book, maybe sit in the garden or soak in the bath.

And then, at the end of the day we get there. The house is a mess. The family, door-to-door canvassers and neighbours all start making demands on our time. Then there’s dinner to prepare, bills to open, lawns to mow, relatives to ring, laundry to sort, and suddenly, the peaceful fantasy house we spend all day believing we left behind when we went out this morning, turns out not to be there at all.

But, what if there was an alternative? What if there was somewhere else we could go that was like home, but without all of life’s annoying accessories? According to news reports lately, it seems that we are not the only ones craving a little haven away from the bedlam of day to day living – some people are investing, and not in new loft extensions or garage conversions, but caravans by the sea.

family life

Now then, whether you call them holiday homes or static caravans, they have a reputation for being the pensioner’s purchase of choice. But, maybe the rest of us are missing a trick here? Since the recession took hold, more people are holidaying in the UK, and those that can afford it are buying a static caravan. The benefits are obvious. They get somewhere to retreat to, either in the week or at weekends. They can choose to leave out the landline and forget to inform anyone of the address and effectively take themselves off the grid when need be. Sounds like heaven. Admittedly, Holiday homes and timeshare apartments abroad do have a sexier appeal, but they’re not easily accessible and more often than not, get caught up in complicated local planning laws.

Imagine it. Leaving work on a Friday afternoon and avoiding all those niggles until after some peace and quiet, a stroll by the sea and maybe some fish and chips from a campsite takeaway has been consumed. Maybe with a glass of red. While the kids are entertained with, well, whatever a campsite offers; swimming, cycling, building sandcastles within sight but out of earshot. I can see why everyone else is doing it.

The only thing that really has to be decided, is where to get one, and whether to tell the kids at all…

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