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Modern Camping Is Different To Conventional Campsites

The first things that usually come to mind at the mention of camping trips are setting up a tent in the middle of nowhere, usually beside a body of running water, and building a campfire for cooking and for keeping warm at night. That is certainly a great way of doing it but these days, a new kind of camping is becoming popular. Instead of setting up camp in the wilderness, modern camping trips now take place in areas that are very close to civilization and that have most of the conveniences that you have at home.

When you prepare for one of these modern camping trips, you won’t have to buy tents or sleeping bags and other traditional equipment. Instead, all you have to do is call the campsite office and make a reservation for one of their cabins, which are all fully equipped with electrical appliances and have a regular bathroom. Some of the cabins even have air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, plasma TVs, and other high-tech features.

So what makes this any different from checking in to a five-star hotel? Staying in campsites would still give you a feel of being surrounded by nature because you will still get to enjoy outdoor activities like scavenger hunts, sports and singing around the campfire for instance.

It’s just that these modern campsites are not really in the wilderness but in areas that are very close to then city. Still, most of them are able to recreate the atmosphere in the real wilderness, which is just as good as going on authentic camping trips for most people.

Although traditionalists do frown at the idea of having all these conveniences while camping, which for them defeats the idea of camping in the first place, there are also a lot of advantages that can be enjoyed from this modern style of camping. For example, children who are used to seeing nothing but city buildings will be able to roam around freely in a real campsite even without having any training or experience in camping. Also, people who were previously uninterested in camping due to the extensive preparations necessary to the need for roughing it in the wilderness are now showing interest in this outdoor activity.

If you are still unsure of whether modern camping trips are right for you, you might want to take a look at the amenities and activities offered in these sites. In addition to the plush accommodations in the midst of nature, you can also get to enjoy activities like kayaking, zip line and fishing. All this you can experience without doing any preparation beforehand because everything will be taken care of for you by the campsite staff.

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