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Building a Hiking First Aid Kit

It is very important to bring along a first aid kit for hiking whenever you hit the trails, as with all physical activities, hiking also comes with the risk of injuries or accidents. Hiking is fun outdoor activity that practically everyone can do. There are no special skills needed in order to enjoy this sport, and there are no requirements either when it comes to age, gender or size, but you still need to be prepared.

Hiking First Aid Kit Contents

Before you begin collecting the items needed for your first aid kit for hiking, you first need to find a suitable container to use. Keep in mind that you will be carrying this kit in your backpack during the hike, so it would be best to choose something that is compact and lightweight.

Once you have your container ready, you can start filling it up with the essential items, including the following: antibiotic spray or cream for treating open wounds, sterile gloves, different sizes of gauze, adhesive tape, scissors, cloth bandages, painkillers, rubbing alcohol, and sanitary wipes.

Pills for headache, diarrhea, colds, and other common ailments should also be included in the first aid kit for hiking. If you are taking regular medication, make sure you bring them along in your first aid kit as well.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

We’ve heard this adage so many times but it is very true in this particular case. Some people may ditch the first aid kit altogether in order to save space in the bag and reduce their load, thinking that they will just be careful in order to avoid getting injured. But when you do get hurt in the middle of the woods without so much as a bandage to cover the cut, it certainly won’t be a lot of fun.

Still, even if you have a first aid kit for hiking, the best move is still to exercise caution during your hike. Always watch your step in order to avoid slipping or tripping, and do not eat wild berries or anything you are unsure of, no matter how scrumptious they may seem.

As mentioned, you need to take along any prescription medications that you are taking so you can continue with your treatment during your hike. Just ensure that these pills are properly labeled so other people won’t use them by mistake.

When hiking with a large group, more than one first aid kit may be necessary. Smaller groups, however, may share just one kit — just make sure that everyone knows where the hiking first aid kit is and how to use it.

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