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We are different to your average outdoor camping enthusiasts. We have camped outdoors probably more nights than we have slept in a regular bed, due to our commercial beekeeping lifestyle. We set up our campsite before we work on our bees for sometimes more than a week at a time.

My wife knows exactly what she needs to pack as far as our camping supplies and food goes and I have my camping checklist to check off all our gear as I load it. That list is my mind saver and I wouldn’t be without it!

There is no going back for something we forget once we are miles from nowhere. In the middle of the forest there is no phone reception or local corner store. We are even prepared for any emergency, so our camping first aid kit is up to date and ready to use. Thankfully we haven’t had to use it, as a few hundred bee stings is all in a day’s work.

We also go motorbike camping in our spare time and have lightweight camping gear to attach to our road bikes. Over the years we have learn’t what we can take on particular camping trips and what we can’t do without. On occasion this has proved difficult, but now we are experts in traveling light!

We hope that our articles and camping tips can give you a few insights on how to have and set up a ‘happycampingsite.com:)